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Artist’s Statement

I made this project inspired by the peace, tolerance and respect among humans itself, not caring the religion they have, what’s important here is that we are one. My cookie is a 26 cms diameter, in a circular form, representing the peace symbol. I made a poem that I wrote myself, it says:

“Peace in the nations, peace among humans, love is what we crave, love is what we seek. Give us peace, give us calm, give us what is very hard to achieve. Can we be united again? Can we lean our hearts as brother and sister? Like the tree loves the bird, like the sun loves the moon… Jerusalem is the big heart that loves us all, respect and tolerance, support and hope is what we cling to. Muslim, Jew or catholic, it doesn’t really matters, as long as we remember that we are one”. I got inspired by the peace, love and hope we lost, and need again. 

Design: round peace sign    Details: Royal Icing lettering hand painted with gold luster dust, royal icing flowers, grass made of green sanding sugar. Size of the piece: 26 cms round   Cookie: Strain wood effect, hand painted (using skyblue, deep blue, white, brown and gold)

About Joss

Name: Jose Luis Barrera troncoso (Joss Lewis)

Age: 27 years old

Nationality: Chilean

Business: Cookies! By Joss

Facebook page:

Instagram: @Cookiesbyjoss

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